Fun Lover? Then These Wedding Favorites Are For You

When you’re planning a wedding, you always want to make sure that it’s going to be exactly what you want. While it’s easy to be influenced by what other people have and what your parents want for you or other things, you have to really make sure that you’re going what’s best for you. After all, it’s your wedding. And you will want to look back and know that you had a day you adored. So, this is where you make sure that everything you choose is perfect for you – as long as it’s in budget, of course! If you’re someone that loves to have fun and dance and just enjoy themselves, then you need to make this a priority. So let’s take a look at some things you can do.

michael-nunes-667377-unsplashPhoto by Michael Nunes on Unsplash

Different Drinks Stations

Maybe you want to make sure that there’s enough to drink and that everyone can have what they like? Then go for different bar stations! You could have a gin table, a cocktail making section, various wines, and craft beers to make this a central focus of the day.


Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

A Performer

Okay, so now we’re going to go in with the good stuff. And one thing that you might like to think about, is a performer. Maybe you don’t want a band or basic music being played? Or you just don’t want it to be the only thing you have? Then think about the different entertainment ideas that you can work on. Maybe a magician or a fire dancer would be what you want? Or maybe you want a choreographed firework display or dancers? Anything that can make the wedding much more fun!

A Dance Off

It could even be super fun if you arranged to have a dance off with your new husband or just everything in general. This could be the highlight of the evening for you!


Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

A Quirky Band

When it comes to the music, you might want to make sure that you have a killer band. And when you’re looking for a wedding band, then you definitely want to make sure that they are going to perform in the way that you want them too. So, look around for the kind of music that you like. This is often why it’s a great idea to make a note of the kind of entertainment you like at different weddings you attend.

Your Favorite DJ

But maybe you just love to party and dance and enjoy your weekend life? Then you definitely need to make sure that you have a wedding DJ that you love. And we’re not just talking about the standard wedding DJ. You won’t want anything too old fashioned. So compile a list of your favorite DJ’s and see if any of them are available. You may find that you can get a top name DJ to do your wedding and that means you’ll get to have the party of a lifetime in the evening!