Five Wedding Locations to Consider If You Love Nature

So you are a nature lover, and are planning your wedding. Chances are that hiring a hotel venue will not be your perfect choice, and you will want to stay close to Mother Nature on your big day. Whether you would like to get married in the summer or the autumn, there are plenty of stunning locations to consider that will provide you with the perfect backdrop for your photos. Read about five of them below.

  • A Farm


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There are some scenic family farms and manor houses in the UK offering wedding reception services. If you would like to embrace nature and be surrounded by animals, you can choose one of the farms as your location. Most of the venues will have the equipment to keep you warm in the garden room or conservatory, or you can simply hire a wedding tent to stay warm during the night when you are celebrating the big day.

  • Seaside

You can also get close to the water and enjoy the fresh breeze when holding your reception. Find a venue with sea views, or simply hire a restaurant right on the beach. You will, however, need to make sure that you have extra layers prepared, as the sea breeze can be chilly, even in the summer. You can find stunning scarves and accessories at John Henric so you can stay warm in style.

  • On a Boat

You might even hit the water if you love the sea and entertain your friends and family members on board. Hiring a boat for a day or the night is the perfect way of celebrating your marriage and enjoying some live entertainment. You might get a boat with a stage and all the lighting and sound system for when you choose your wedding band, and make the day or night memorable for all your friends.

  • Top of the Mountain

If you and your partner are outdoor lovers and hike regularly, there’s no better place to hold your wedding reception than the top of the mountain with stunning views. You will, however, need to consider the needs and abilities of your guests, and make sure that they can get to the venue and get back safely.

  • Nature Reserves


Image via Wikimedia Commons

You might want to look natural on your wedding day, and this means that a natural backdrop will make your photos even more stunning. You can hold your wedding reception in a nature reserve or a campsite, hire small log cabins for your guests, and go on a hike together to find the best views and scenes. Get your photo taken by a natural lake or by the cliffs, and remember the day as a great time enjoying the outdoors.

If you love getting close to Mother Nature, it is important that you choose your wedding reception venue accordingly. The above tips will help you get started, but you will have to consider the accessibility and the comfort each venue provides before you make your final decision.

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