Don’t Make The Wedding Guests Your Something Blue

It’s fair to say that you have a lot to think about when planning a wedding. You need, for instance, to make sure that you get the perfect rings. You’ll have to choose a metal and a style that both you and your partner simply adore. This is, of course, just the beginning. You’ll also need to write your vows, make sure that you find that perfect dress and don’t forget about the invitations. Have you noticed that all these jobs are related to both you and your partner? We haven’t even begun to think about things that will make your wedding great for the guests too.

It’s weird to think about it, but your wedding and particularly the reception is indeed just one massive party. There will be dancing, hopefully, some great music and entertainment as well as food and drinks. Ultimately, your wedding doesn’t need to be just enjoyable for you. You need to make sure it’s a fantastic time for everyone who is attending. Let’s look at how to do that and ensure that you make the right decisions.

Music Speaks Better Than Words


First, you do need to make sure that you have a fantastic selection of music for your wedding day. A poor music choice is certain to make your wedding guests blue. Luckily, the best wedding bands for hire can be found online and there are a variety of brilliant choices. All you need to do is find a type that suits your theme or the type of wedding that you want to have.

Swing music, jazz, rock? The type doesn’t matter but you do need to make sure that you get a quality selection if you want guests to love attending your wedding.

Of course, you can also explore playing around with smart playlists. It’s not a bad choice as long as you don’t mind but the music of your wedding into the hands of whoever attends. On the plus side though this will add a lot of variety

Consider Diet

consider diet

The quickest way to annoy guests at a wedding is to not bother accommodating for their dietary needs. This could include someone who is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and the list goes on. You might even want to make a cake selection suitable for those with nut allergies.

The best way to find out about issues like this is to use the invitations. Guest can RSVP and note down any dietary needs that they may have. An open bar is an extra tip we highly recommend.

Bring The Fun


Finally, you do need to make sure that you are investing in fun possibilities and the little things that can make your wedding stand out. This could be anything from giant bubble blowers to goodie bags or goodness knows what else. Look online and you’ll find a variety of fun wedding possibilities and activities including a photobooth. This is certainly different from those dull over stylised wedding photos and could be a great hit with your guests.