Do You Want to have an Extra Special Hen Party? Here’s How

If you or a close friend has recently become engaged, then congratulations are in order. This is an important step in anyone’s life. But getting married involves a lot of planning, such as finding the right entourage, venue, caterer and photographer, and, of course, finding the right wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses. Amidst all the planning, the bride needs some way to let loose and have fun before saying goodbye to the single life forever. And what better way to do it than to have that perfect hen party? Hen parties have already become part and parcel of any wedding, and there are lots of ways to make it extra special. Here’s how you can properly organise a hen party and make it an extra special affair.

photo-booth-wedding-party-girls-160420 (1)Decide at the beginning who to invite

The first crucial step is to decide whom to invite. This is actually one of the most difficult steps, because the guests will often have a clash in tastes and preferences. For instance, if the mother of the bride is invited, how do you make it ‘less offensive’ to the mother’s sensibilities? The solution is quite simple, really: have two hen parties. One hen party should be more staid and proper, such as a tea party or a day at the spa, whilst another hen do should be for the younger, wilder set – an event that’s sure to get everyone properly excited, be it with the right amount of booze or some extra-adventurous activities such as hen party life drawing (a special ‘art class’ where you and your friends can draw an attractive male in the flesh – with lots of drinks to make it more enticing!).

Choose the proper location

If you are planning to have a big hen party, location is key. Everyone needs to be able to go to the venue with ease, and it needs to be a venue which can accommodate the number of guests you are planning to have. If you want privacy, there are venues (other than the local pub) which can give you the privacy you need. There are also venues where you can have proper accommodations for the night – it’s really up to you to decide which type of venue is suitable for your needs.

bride-to-be-2682007_640Take it easy

This is especially true if you are planning an entire hen party weekend. It’s important to be organised and to pace yourself, and have everyone know the itinerary beforehand. If you are at an unfamiliar place, make sure to get everyone’s mobile numbers and provide everyone with a map or a meeting point if anyone becomes separated from the group. All that being said, don’t forget to have fun!

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