Designer Wedding Show – Battersea Park

Today I went to the Designer Wedding Show (dragged my husband a long) and I have to say I was very impressed. It might have been £18 each to get in but compared to the National Wedding Show last weekend at Earls Court it was money very well spent and I had a great time.

Wedding - via Wild at Heart

Wedding - via Wild at Heart

Today there were lots of fantastic UK wedding suppliers, from florists, like Wild At Heart, to milliners such as Janie Lawson, from dress designers to make up artists and masses of photographers. I met lots of fantastic people that are perfect for Little Miss Wedding to recommend – unusual, creative, unique and boutique suppliers – not the sort of mass market ones that you might find at some of the bigger shows but the sort that touch my heart and make my job of reviewing them a little bit more fun. Watch this space as I am going to be busy this coming week updating my site with all the new wedding suppliers that I have met who can make your wedding really special.

Did you go to the show? or exhibit there? What did you think about it? x


I went too! Pity we didn’t know or we could have met up! I agree it was pretty impressive for a wedding fayre. I didn’t go to the National one so can’t compare but it was surprising. They were many vintage gowns, quirky stationers and cool tent companies so I had lots of fun chatting about couples who want something a bit different. Good to see there are so many suppliers offering variety for brides these days.

Sounds great!
A shame i couldnt make it.
Maybe next time. So funny that one of the companies is called Wild at Heart,
cause thats the inpiration of my current collection:
David Lynchs Wild At Heart.

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