Choosing the Right Limo Service for your Special Event

A special event should be celebrated in style so that you can keep the good memories for a long time. After determining a perfect location, the next thing to think about is transportation. Using a Fort Lauderdale limo that offers professional drivers and services will decrease your stress levels and ensure everything goes according to plan.

Research before you hire

Don’t just pick a limousine you consider perfect and quickly and use its services since you should investigate further to ensure you work with a reputable firm. Understand that experience and customer service are major considerations when it comes to renting limos. An excellent means to get an idea of the services you are likely to receive is by checking the testimonials page of the company’s website, Facebook reviews and other ratings. Checking what previous customers think about the firm is a great way to get unbiased reports.


There is a wide spectrum of choices for limos, including silver Lincoln Navigator limo, white Navigator limo and 10 pass Ford van, among others. Check the limo fleet that the company has before hiring to find out if they have what you are looking for. If you are renting for major events such as a prom or a wedding, you may want a unique vehicle, but not a worn and old Ford Lauderdale alternative. Checking out the fleet allows you to book a limo with enough room for your party and the amenities you will need. If your preferred company doesn’t have what you need, they could find the limo you are looking for from a different provider.

Ask about the Cost

Price is a factor you can’t ignore. Different companies present layers of fees that are usually added to the base rate and they include administration costs, fuel surcharges and gratuity for the driver. If you do not ask, the cost could skyrocket to about 30 percent higher than what is in the quote. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure you get an all-inclusive quote. Also, find out if the company is fully certified and their chauffeurs professionally recruited. Can they present liability insurance and are their vehicles DPU approved and DOT inspected?

Whatever your event is, being well informed before hiring a limo is the key to enjoying a safe and satisfying ride. Reduce the risk of receiving poor services and not getting what you expected by conducting proper research and visiting a Better Business Bureau for recommendations.