Choosing the Best Lace Pattern for an Upcoming Wedding

Lace fabrics are often said to add the “finishing touch” to any ensemble. This is the main reason why they are employed to accentuate the bespoke beauty associated with a wedding dress. Many soon-to-be brides are often not certain which patterns tend to be the most desirable and this is an understandable concern. Let’s take a quick look at four extremely attractive options at your disposal as well as the qualities that each has to offer. You can then celebrate your big day in style.


Alençon Lace

Some designers refer to this variety as the “queen of lace”. It was first developed as far back as the 16th century and it has remained a popular choice well into the present. Alençon Lace is defined by its fine cording and delicate fabrics. It is often highlighted with images of beads or pearls. Lightweight and dainty, this lace can represent an excellent choice.

Chantilly Lace

This is another excellent option if you have been hoping to add a bit of flair to your dress. Chantilly lace is characterised by a well-outlined pattern often comprised of floral patterns. Lights and shadows will reflect off of this fabric and provide it with a sense of depth. This is the main reason why it is often used to accentuate the overlays and sleeves of an ensemble.

Duchesse Lace

Unlike the previous two laces mentioned, this variety is defined by larger open spaces. It will therefore provide a significantly higher level of ventilation; ideal if you happen to be getting married during the warmer months of the year. Floral motifs are often associated with this variety although it is possible to purchase custom-made designs if you desire.

Guipure Lace

The main characteristic of this lace is that it lacks the traditional netting seen with other varieties. In other words, the design was manufactured in the open as opposed to employing any supporting net. This provides it with a rather bold look; ideal when paired with an equally daring dress. This fabric is also slightly heavier when compared to its counterparts. You might therefore consider Guipure lace for winter or autumn weddings.

All About the Variety

These are only four examples of the numerous types of lace which can be found on the open market. One of the best ways to appreciate what each has to offer is to take a look at the lace fabrics provided by Tissura. There are literally dozens of different options to choose from and each of these boasts its very own unique sense of bespoke beauty.

There is no doubt that a wedding will represent one of the most important days of your life. So, why not take some time to carefully consider the lace options at your disposal? It is often the smallest of accessories that will have the most lasting impacts. The addition of lace will truly make all of the difference in the world throughout your special day.