Choosing A Wedding Venue? Ask These 5 Questions!

One of the first things to do when planning your wedding is to choose where you are going to get married. You may want to hold the ceremony at a church and then head to a different venue. Some couples tend to have their whole wedding at one venue as it’s easier than travelling from one place to another. Before you choose your wedding venue, you need to have an idea of when you want to hold the wedding, and how many guests you will be having. Here are five questions you should ask them before making a decision.

wedding-698333_640Can you see the ceremony room?

If you are considering getting married at the same place as your wedding reception, you need to ask them to see where the service will be held. They might have options for where it can be done, and you can see if you could imagine making your vows in there.  Ask to see pictures of the room set up for a ceremony. It should make your decision on whether you should get married there or look for somewhere else.

Can they hold your number of guests?

A venue typically will have restrictions on how many people they can have in the room at one time. Therefore, you need to know if they can hold the number of your guests there. Ask if it differs for the evening reception and the ceremony. Also, check if there are any discounts for larger numbers, and how much it will be to cater for that number.

Has it got outdoor space?

A lot of people are now choosing to have their wedding breakfast outside the venue in a marquee. Some venues will have their own marquee available for use or if they don’t, they will likely offer to sort out marquee hire for you. Having outdoor space is also useful for your wedding photographs. There will be more room for everyone to stand. And later in the evening, outdoor space means people can go outside if they are not enjoying the noise, or they just want some fresh air.

Have they got accommodation?

When you go see a wedding venue, you should be asking them if they have rooms for your guests to stay. Most sites will hold some rooms for your wedding guests. They also tend to have a bridal suite that you and your new husband can stay in. Having accommodation means your guests don’t have to worry about transport and can enjoy a drink or two! If they don’t, you should ask if they know any other hotels in the area so you can tell your guests.

Have they got parking?

Another perfect question you should ask at the potential wedding venue is if they have got space for everyone to park. Some hotels charge for use of their car parking, or may have limited space for everyone.  You need to find other potential parking spots for guests or advise against using cars.

Asking the questions above will help you to make a decision on whether it’s right for you, and your guests.


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