Childhood sweets for a great wedding day

Childhood sweets for a great wedding day

Planning a wedding means including lots of elements which can be time-consuming to organise and, if you’re wanting to keep the costs down by creating everything yourself, can mean stretching your creative skills to the limits. Decorating the cake, creating wedding favours and providing a great dessert  is a great deal of work and can cost a fortune if you ask the professionals, but never fear as there’s a great solution which even the least crafty amongst us can handle.

Retro sweets – the bags of childhood penny chews, gums, toffees and chocolates are now incredibly popular once more and they are easy to buy online, have delivered and then use as you need to.

Wedding cake

The wedding cake is one of the central parts of any marriage celebration. Whether it’s traditional tiers or a single layer of a great fruit cake, there’s then the decision to make as to how to decorate it. Some couples decide to keep it clean, simple and ice white, some have colour themes to match the occasion and others choose flavours to complement the cake inside such as a chocolate frosting covering a delicious chocolate sponge.

A fun, eye-catching and personal way to decorate a wedding cake is to use childhood sweets. There’s such a range that there’s still the option to colour theme it; purple is a popular choice for example and so tasty treats such as Blackcurrant Millions, Purple Party Chocolate Hearts and mini Parma Violets. What makes using sweets particularly fun is that you can really break out your creative side and add whatever you want and it will look simply great. Even if your skills only stretch as far as covering the sponge in lollies on sticks and sprinkling on sherbet – go for it as the result will bring a smile to the lips of everyone.

Wedding favours

The tradition of giving wedding favours from AQuarterOf to guests stretches back hundreds of years and originally consisted of small ceramic boxes which contained gemstones. There’s no need to be this lavish however as you can create wonderful wedding favours by using small jam jar size pots and filling them with colourful sweets such as bonbons, Scented Satins or Sugared Almonds. Companies will often add personalisation to the jar for you with the name of the bride and groom or a message of thanks but if you want to complete the job yourself then either printing labels or adding a length of ribbon around the jar will finish the gift off a treat.

Pick and Mix bar

The fashionable and fun wedding theme of vintage has reawakened the love for classic sweets and a popular alternative to a dessert is to offer a pick and mix bar along with icecream. Guests help themselves to a buffet of delights which can include whatever you want to serve. Whether it’s marshmallows, Cherry Lips, Coconut Mushrooms or American Hard Gums, everyone will want to return for seconds or even thirds. It’s easy to create yourself as you only need to order the sweets and then tip into bowls and place in a row. There’s always something for everyone and you’ll bring back happy memories of youth as well as introduce classic tastes to the younger guests who are trying Barratts Shrimps or Turkish Delight for the first time.