Beyond The Dress – A Style Guide For The Wannabe Bride

If you’re in a long-term relationship, chances are you’re weighing up the possibility of marrying the one you’re with. There may be lots of reasons why you want to commit to being with your partner forever more. Even so, you may only have one thing on your mind right now. The dress! It is a huge part of any wedding. So many of us envision what we’ll look like on our own special day. Of course, you may have a way to go yet if he hasn’t yet proposed!

Your wedding day may not be booked yet. But you’ve probably already discussed it with girlfriends and siblings over the years. If you’re starting to discuss the idea of marriage with your partner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your wedding style. But don’t start with the dress. Start with the ring! There is no need to stick to tradition or fashion trends either. In fact, weddings are far more colourful nowadays than they used to be. That means you can pick any gemstone for your ring.


Of course, if you are eyeing up sapphire engagement rings or ruby engagement rings, it makes sense to theme your wedding with a matching color. White dresses are making way for ivory. You can then add colour details across the trims, hems and waistbands. If you choose a sapphire ring, why not make blue your theme colour? This same colour can be accented in your hair dress, your shoes, your table settings, and your bridesmaid outfits. Even the groom can boast a flash of colour in his wedding suit.


Floral bouquets are perfect for bringing your own splash of personality to a wedding. Not only can they be full of wonderful tones and shades of colour, but they can be full of texture and structural detail too. If you love the idea of using fresh flowers throughout your wedding, have a chat with your florist early on in your planning. Go through their catalogue or portfolio to find the kind of things you are looking for. Don’t forget; the flowers can be dressed in ribbon, mesh, paper and other materials to create the ultimate look for your event.


If you’re looking to add a little more personality to your wedding, go bespoke and select what you love. Why not pick the car of your dreams to pull up to the ceremony in? Why not hire dancers or musicians to perform as you enter the reception? You can ditch the sugared almond favours for something far more fun and exotic. Try jewellery, feather fascinators, or even candy bracelets! All of the choices are yours. And with so many details to plan you really can style your event how you like.

It’s not just the dress you need to think about for your big day. There are so many other ways to style your wedding and your outfit. It can almost feel like the dress loses importance. However you choose to style your wedding, enjoy the most beautiful day of your life.