Beth Morgan’s new bridal collection

Some gorgeous hair fascinators fit for any bride designed by Beth Morgan and shot by one of my favourite photographers Archibald Photography – a great british collaboration.

Sometimes I get emails in my inbox and I don’t even need to look at the content I just know that I am going to want to post about it. It seems that is always the case with Donna from Archibald Photography. Their photos are beautiful – always (well I haven’t seen a bad one yet!) – so I was over the moon to get these pictures from a recent shoot that they did for british milliner, Beth Morgan.

Silver and White hair fascinator by Beth Morgan

These photos were taken by award winning Scottish photographers Archibald Photography. I know that I keep featuring their work on LMW but I think that their photos are beautifully taken. Click here to see the 1920′s vintage wedding shoot that they shot recently which was one of my most popular posts on LMW. I thought that I would get a bit of behind the scenes chat with them so asked if they’d answer a couple of questions about how they came to meet Beth, why she chose them to do her shoot and which were their favourite shots… so here goes

Bridal Hair Fascinator

1) How did Beth hear about you? And more importantly go about deciding on Archibald Photography to do her shoot?

There is a good story in how Beth found us. In the summer of 2008, we were asked to photograph the wedding of Pamela & Steven MacGregor in Girona, Spain. The resulting images from this wedding won Mark a number of awards:

Fujifilm Licentiate Winner 2008 at the British Photography Awards
Best Complete Wedding Photographer at the Scottish Master Photographer Awards in 2009. You can see some of the fab shots of her wedding in the slideshow below – (takes a few secs to load so be patient)

The bride at the wedding in Girona wore one of Beth’s stunning bridal fascinator creations. We then got chatting to Beth when she admired Mark’s images and she happened to say that she would love Pamela to model all her work and for Mark to photograph her entire collection. We happened to know that Pamela was coming home for Christmas and so we said ‘why don’t we then’. So the first shoot took place in 2008 and then a year later (when Pamela was back for Christmas 2009), Beth booked Mark to photograph her newer pieces with Pamela modelling again. These images are from this most recent shoot.

2) What do you like/ is special/ different about photographing fashion shoots (as you seem to do a great job of it). (like I said check out the 1920′s inspired wedding shoot that they did for Lindsay Fleming)

I love fashion shoots. There is so much that can be done when you have a good model who is conducive to helping you get a particular shot or look. I love working loosely with fashion in a way that allows the shoot to lead us in new directions we may not even have thought to explore if given a really specific brief. I absolutely adore working with different qualities of light and fashion photography allows me that bit more creative freedom to use light in a way which will bring the best out in a subject. I want everything to look great and always keep an element of a natural look in the finished shot. And above all…it has to be fun!

Cream bridal hair fascinator
3) What do you think sets Beth apart from her competition?

We think Beth is set apart from her competition in a number of ways – firstly she provides a really friendly, down to earth service. Beth is always ready to help, answer questions, discuss styles, source new fabrics and generally as she says herself “make the impossible possible”! She is genuinely not happy unless the customer is happy! Then her creations are truly spectacular – she manages to play with colour, shape and texture to create designs that are unique, eye catching but at the same time completely wearable at weddings and high society events.

4) Which is your favourite piece that she has designed and why?

Ooooo, that’s so hard to decide – we love all of Beth’s work! However, if we had to choose from the most recent shoot it would be the two images below. The pieces are so eye catching and different and just frame Pamela’s face perfectly for photography. These pieces can make for quite sexy and sultry images as the model is looking through the fabric of the design.

Bridal Hair Fascinator

Blue Net Hair Fascinator

If like me, you’ve got a bit excited by these wonderful creations make sure you check out Beth Morgan where you can view her whole range of hair pieces and fascinators and find out more about her bridal collection. All photos from this shoot are taken by Archibald Photography – thank you Donna, another lovely shoot!


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