Best Metal Types for Men’s Wedding Rings

Times have surely evolved. Years ago, men bought a plain gold wedding band, and contemplated adding some diamonds. Nowadays, you have a wealth of options from the traditional precious metals like gold, silver and platinum to alternative metal options like titanium and chrome, which metal is the best for you? It often depends on your lifestyle.


Gold – Gold remains the standard for wedding jewellery as it features a lustrous hue and is malleable enough to work with.  Typically, gold is mixed with another alloy, such as nickel or copper to make it stronger as 24k pure gold is too soft for hand-crafting jewellery.  You’ll find the carat percentage stamped inside, and many couples look for 14k or 18k gold rings because those are 58 percent or 75 percent gold, respectively, which will help it wear well as well as highlight the rich hue.

You’re not stuck with just yellow gold either. Nowadays, many men’s wedding rings feature two-tone metals of yellow gold and rose gold or yellow gold and white gold, if you like the shiny look of platinum without the price.

Platinum – Throughout history, platinum has been used not only for jewellery but in military use because it was so durable.  If you work a “tough” job, platinum may be ideal for you because it doesn’t damage as quickly, as platinum is 40 percent stronger than gold. If your ring gets scratched, you won’t lose much metal and you’ll cherish it for years to come. Platinum is ideal for those with sensitive skin, and it won’t tarnish or oxidate over time.  In addition, intricate designs or engraved messages show clearer on platinum rings.  Platinum is ideal for those with sensitive skin, and it won’t tarnish or oxidize over time.

Palladium – Similar to platinum, palladium won’t tarnish or oxidize. However, the metal isn’t as dense and wears more like gold, making it affordable yet shiny and lustrous.  Palladium is pure white just like platinum and is sometimes used as an alloy to make white gold, especially when hypoallergenic skin problems are an issue.

Once you’ve narrowed down the type o metal you like best for your wedding band, find a jeweller that carries a wide selection of men’s wedding rings. This will help you peruse over 100 different styles and see if you prefer a simple brushed ring or a ring with intricate Celtic designs.  Do you prefer some diamonds so it compliments your new wife’s wedding band or do like the look of two-tone or even three-tone rings?

As you make your final decision, remember to consider not only fashion trends but your personal lifestyle, as in how often will you be wearing the ring and how demanding your job is. If it’s physically demanding, choose platinum, and if you like the look of it but don’t have as much money, consider white gold.