Basic Tips for Engagement Party Planning

Congratulations on your engagement! And yes, while phone calls can be great ways to share the news with those who matter, throwing a party to celebrate this milestone is definitely the more fun choice. This would also be the perfect time for a get-together of all the couple’s families and friends, a beautiful opportunity to introduce the key persons in your lives to each other before the wedding itself.

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So, how do you plan an engagement party? Here are a few engagement party planning basics that you can look into to ensure you have a memorable celebration:

  1. Who will host the event?

It has been a tradition for many parents of the bride to host the first engagement party celebration, and the parents of the groom can then host their own celebration after. However, if the couple’s parents are less traditional, they can opt to co-host the engagement party. Also less in keeping with traditions are couples hosting their own engagement party and friends of the couple who volunteer to host the event. The important decision on who hosts the event actually has significant implications on finances, specifically on who foots the bill for the said party.

  1. When will you have the party?

You’d definitely want to celebrate soon after the hopeful groom successfully gives the woman of his dreams the best piece among the many custom engagement rings women will surely love. Plan the engagement party a few weeks or months after the proposal as the couple starts to enjoy the “just got engaged” life and before they start seriously planning for their wedding. You also have to consider the availability of the guests, so you might need some advance notice.

  1. Where will the party be held?

The host will most likely have to decide on the venue of the party. One consideration will also be the logistics of gathering everyone involved or invited to the chosen location. When picking the location of the party, make sure you consider all the travelling that you are asking your guests to make for you. Most guests will feel obliged to be at your party even though it will have some impractical costs on their finances, time, and possibly their health too.

Depending on the number of people you invite, an engagement party can take place anywhere. You should also consider what theme or atmosphere you want to have for the party when choosing the venue. For example, for intimate formal soirees, you would most likely choose an elegant indoor venue. If you are looking at a more countryside adventure theme, then an outdoor/alfresco venue would be a better option.

  1. Who will be invited?

If you aren’t inviting them to your wedding, then don’t invite them to your engagement party. That is basic engagement/wedding etiquette. Traditionally, those who get engagement party invitations already assume that they are invited to the wedding too.

But if you still want to invite people who will not be on the wedding guest list, you can definitely still do so, especially if you’re hosting the engagement party in a neighbourhood venue. If your friends are hosting the party, they might invite people you don’t necessarily have to invite to your big day.

  1. What do you wear to the party?

What you wear will depend highly on the theme of the party. For brides-to-be, wear something special that stands out, but not one that will outshine your wedding day look. Besides, you are already wearing the accessory that will be the centre of attention at the party – your engagement ring.