Banish boring wedding food & try something a little different

When it comes to wedding food, many go with the traditional wedding breakfast, and perhaps even a buffet during the evening celebrations. But sometimes it’s good to break with tradition! After all, it’s a day for you and your partner to celebrate your love and look forward to your future. So why not make it about what you really want? Something that’s special to you and your future spouse?

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Here you’ll find a few ideas of how you can add a touch of sparkle to your wedding food and make it a memorable part of your big day.

Hog Roast

A good old favourite but tasty nonetheless. The hog roast is a great option, and everyone seems to love it, hot pork with crispy crackling with apple sauce and stuffing? What could be better? You can find out more about hog roasts here.  

If you do serve your hog with apple sauce and stuffing, plus fresh baps, then this can be a really cost-effective option, compared to the traditional sit-down meal. If you have a bit of cash left over, you could also serve salads, pasta dishes, potato salad and coleslaw to go with your hog – which also solves any issues with vegetarians!

A tapas/Fiesta

The Spanish know how to party, and a fiesta can be a fun celebration for a wedding! Keep with the theme and serve your guests tapas. Although small, they can still be hearty and filling and there will definitely be something for everyone! Including vegetarian options and non-spicy portions for the littler guests.

Tapas-style food encourages your guests to move around and mingle with others during the meal and you can experiment with lots of different recipes and ideas.

Afternoon tea

Keep your wedding simple and elegant with fabulously British afternoon tea. Provide your guests with dainty sandwiches, a selection of cupcakes, scones with clotted cream and jam and plenty of champagne. This can be a fun theme to play with and can create a gorgeous, vintage-style wedding. This is also a great idea if you’re short on time and don’t want a meal in the late afternoon that will leave your guests too full.

With a wide selection of fillings and if you keep the cake-stands topped up with beautiful individual pieces, you should easily keep everyone happy.

A picnic/lunchbox option

This is ideal if you’re marrying in the late Spring or Summer months. Keeping the foods small and simple will also cut costs, and if you can get your guests food choices when they RSVP meaning you can get organised! When you have everyone’s choices, fill little picnic baskets up with their food and hand them out before everyone tasks a seat.

This is also a good idea if you have small children as guests at your wedding. No child wants to sit and eat plates of chicken liver pate!

Keep your grown up guests glasses’ filled up with champagne and everyone will be very happy!

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