Allowing Your Lifestyle To Help You Choose Your Wedding Ring

There are many things to think about when choosing your wedding ring but one of the most important to start with is your lifestyle. It is important that when you are looking at wedding rings that you take this into account before making your choice, as the everyday wear and tear that your hands go through each day will be reflected in the condition of your wedding ring. How you live your life as well as what your job is can help determine the most suitable wedding ring to match your lifestyle and show your commitment to your loved one.

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Consider Your Occupation

The job that you do can have a big effect on your hands, as well as any jewellery that you wear. If you are in a manual job or you use a lot of heavy tools then you will want to consider this before choosing your wedding ring and think about the properties that each metal has. If you wear gloves in your job then your ring may be protected, but if you do not you may have to consider removing your wedding ring while working and keeping it safe until you finish.

The Profile Of Your Wedding Ring

By choosing an appropriate profile for your wedding ring, you can pick a style of ring that will fit nicely on your finger and not get in the way of your everyday activities, whether it is work or recreation such as sport. Some typical profiles are;

  • Flat Rings – Less practical for someone with an active lifestyle
  • Classic Court – One of the most comfortable styles to wear
  • D-Shaped Rings – Good For an active person who is hands-on
  • Flat Court – In-between a Flat and a Classic style

It is important that you try on the different profiles of rings and find which one feels most comfortable to wear on your hand.

Some Metals Wear Better Than Others

The metal that you choose for your ring will also play a big part in how hardwearing your wedding ring will be. The softest metal of all is yellow gold, and the purer the gold is, the softer it is also. You can look at beautiful men’s platinum wedding rings which are robust and durable, or even look at white gold rings which are harder than yellow gold and have similar characteristics to platinum but at a cheaper price. Other alternatives which are also hardy are rose gold and palladium, which are also less expensive than platinum and have a different look and feel to them.

Your Budget Is Also Important

A wedding is expensive enough as it is, so your lifestyle which includes how much disposable cash you have available is also an important factor in buying your wedding ring. Stick within your budget and do not spend more than you can afford, and choose the most appropriate ring that catches your eye. Keep in mind though, that the ring on your finger is just a symbol, what is important is the love that you have for each other.