A Gearhead’s Guide to an Epic Stag Do

It’s your stag do and just chugging a pint or two with the boys won’t suffice. Your mates are itching for some action and It’s time you delivered on your promise. So what’s a gearhead groom to do? Take the lads out for a ride, of course!

The options are aplenty for all you car nuts out there. So strap on tight (you will need helmets too) and let the good times fly.


Check these options to get you started on your party planning. By the end of your mind-blowing stag do, the boys will have loads of stories for the grandkids.

Tank up

A lot of pent up aggression you need to get rid of? Get into an army tank before your big day and take charge. The boys will be stoked when they see a mean looking tank staring at them.

Experience what it feels like when a car is crushed under the behemoth. Wade through an obstacle course with an ex-military instructor. Fire the cannon and feel the heat of battle when you learn tactical maneuvers.

tanks alot

And if you behave, you just might learn how to drift the tank as well. So get your camo on and be prepared for a full tank of fun.

Tank driving can be super fun.Though stay prepared to be yanked out of the tank because you will not want to leave.

Major Bang for Your Buck

Who knew racing in a banger meant for the junk yard would be so much fun. The stags will thoroughly enjoy every bit of this metal grinding action.

All your pre wedding stress will be history once you don the racing suit. This, one of kind activity is sure to get the adrenaline pumping.

All it takes is a couple of practise laps around the track and you will be all set to race your mates. A no holds barred competition, you can do all it takes to win the race. Smashing and crashing included.

Do not let the beat up cars scare you though. All safety precautions are taken so you turn up to your wedding without a scratch.


Blind Faith

Still need to make sure you picked out the right best man for your wedding? Go on a drive with him blindfolded!

This one is sure to leave the boys in splits. Imagine taking directions from your bud who’s a bit buzzed because of all the beer.

This stag do activity is great for building camaraderie (if you needed any) before the main event. The guys will still be reminiscing the look on your face when you got into a powerful SUV with a blindfold on.


Amp up the healthy competition quotient when you challenge the mates for a timed race. Make sure to keep a steady pace and the odds will be in your favour.

In the Kart

Hop into a fast kart and zip around with the fellas. Karting around the track will give the lads a day to remember.

The smell of burnt rubber will get the boys pumped up. After all there’s nothing better for a racing aficionado than a track and a fast set of wheels.


You can choose from all sorts of karting styles. From the conventional Formula style racing, to the more outlandish Bull cart. The choice is yours and so will be the excitement.

Your stag do will only happen once (hopefully), so make sure you squeeze in as much action you can for the mates. If you happen to be fond of fast cars or just a crazy thrill seeker, these activities will definitely make your stag party rock.

After all you want your mates trying to outdo your efforts in their stag dos. Right?





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