5 Things the Groom Needs to Prepare for the Wedding

In a lot of weddings, the groom remains fairly (if not entirely) absent from the planning stages. But there are still a few things that he needs to prepare himself to ensure that the big day runs nice and smoothly. So, here is a list of the top five things that he needs to plan – both big and small – that you can pass along to him so you are sure that he is fully aware of all his responsibilities!

His Suit

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The important thing is that the formalwear that he picks out matches the overall style and feel of the wedding. Of course, it is highly likely that the wedding dress will be chosen first, so he needs to plan his suit accordingly. An experienced tailor will be able to help out in this area so it is worth enlisting one at an early opportunity. The traditional option is the classic tuxedo, but shades of grey are also proving to be very popular at the moment.

His Hair

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Getting a haircut before the big day is also important for him to look his very best. He may want to do this a few days before the wedding to give the hair time to adjust to the new cut. As well as this, he may also need this time to think about style options in more detail. And he will also want to consider the hair on his face. Though beards are very popular these days, it needs to be looking neat and trimmed so a barber may be the ideal option.

His Speech

There is no doubt that the speech is a major source of stress and concern for many grooms. So, to give a helping hand, there are a few things that it is traditional to mention. First of all, it is often given after the father of the bride speech so a response to that would be appropriate. After that, he can move onto discussing the family on both sides, before talking about the bridesmaids, groomsmen and best man, and the guests. And last but not least, he surely wouldn’t forget to mention the bride, would he?!

His Timekeeping

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Even if the groom has been largely absent before the big day, it is still important that he knows where he needs to be and when. Though grooms often burst in at the last minute in the movies, it is definitely not all that special if it happens in real life. He should also know how the day is going to run.

His Dancing      

If the groom is going for bonus points, brushing up on his dance moves certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea. This way, you will be able to have a first dance that everyone can enjoy for all the right reasons rather than counting how many times he stands on your feet!

So, if the groom has these five things prepared and ready to go, he should be all set to fully enjoy the big day!

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