5 Reasons to Have Your Engagement Party at a French Chateau

Now, you might be reading this and thinking, “Why wouldn’t I want to hold my engagement party in a French chateau?” However, for some people living overseas from France, it can be very tempting to simply book whatever cheap, convenient and impersonal events venue happens to be available to them close to home.

Here at Château Bouffémont – a truly exquisite stone-built residence a mere 30 kilometres (18.5 miles) from Paris – we don’t believe that you should miss out on the complete French chateau experience. Here are our reasons why.

  • couple-bride-love-wedding-60559It’s the perfect opportunity to visit Paris

Just imagine… booking a stay in an enchanting French chateau for a week, enjoying your engagement party and later your wedding day in fairytale surroundings, before setting off for the City of Love itself for what is truly the definition of a dream honeymoon.

It doesn’t have to be a mere fantasy. As we mentioned above, our own chateau is in close proximity to Paris, with all of its romantic ambience and attractions. Take a look at the Secrets of Paris site’s guide to why the city is still the perfect place to get loved up with your loved one.

There’s certainly plenty to do on your day trips to Paris with your beloved. You might enjoy a picnic in the stately park of the 17th-century Places des Vosges or discover the Musée de Montmartre, the former home and meeting place for artists such as Auguste Renoir. Or what about renting a rowing boat on the Grand Canal at the internationally admired Château de Versailles?

There’s certainly more to Paris for those enjoying an engagement vacation than the stereotypical Louvre or Eiffel Tower, although of course, the joys of those familiar tourist magnets should also not be denied.

  • chateau-de-chenonceau-1095268_640It’s the archetypal dream wedding setting

It can sometimes seem that almost anywhere is acceptable for a wedding reception these days. But even amid the proliferation of non-traditional wedding venues in recent years, it’s hard for many of us to get away from the fantasy we’ve long had of getting married or celebrating our engagement in a French chateau.

Well, the great news is that there are some very fine, refined and elegant French chateaus that can realise that dream for you – and few of them drop jaws quite as fast or as emphatically as Château Bouffémont.

Whether your idea of a truly beautiful French chateau is one with five grand reception halls, the most sumptuous grounds consisting of spectacular manicured gardens, or even refined cuisine, we’re confident that our own property ticks every box.

  • It doesn’t need to be just about your engagement

Yes, you may be interested in a several-night stay in a French chateau as a means of toasting your romance… but the bottom line is that France is also one of the most tourist-friendly and inspiring countries in the world.

There are plenty of gorgeous parks, gardens, beaches, art galleries, museums, cafes, charming villages and stimulating cities that you really shouldn’t miss if you’re in France, whatever your main reasons may be to be here. Plus, if you choose Château Bouffémont, you will be able to enjoy a wealth of activities at our exclusive venue itself.

If you and your partner are active types, for example, you are sure to appreciate the various sporting activities that you can partake in here, such as golf at the highly exclusive Paris International Golf Club (PIGC) – an 18-hole course designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus – and tennis on any of three tennis courts, also at PIGC.

The PIGC also serves up such amenities as an indoor pool, spa, sauna and Jacuzzi, while if you really do want to get into the great outdoors, the surrounding Montmorency forest affords you considerable hiking, trekking, quad and mountain biking opportunities. In short, a French chateau could get you sweating much more than you think…

  • chateau-de-courances-1103611_640It’ll give you so much astounding space

A beautiful French chateau like Château Bouffémont may seem resplendent enough from the outside, but such an impression is only maximised within.

Just imagine holding your engagement party amid crystal chandeliers, fine fabrics and all of the other trappings of the most luxurious space for living and celebration – more than 2,000 square metres of space, to be exact.

It might all seem too good to be true, yet it’s perfectly possible when you book our own magical haven for the celebration of your impending nuptials. When you choose us for your wedding, you will gain exclusive use of the four floors of our stunning property, encompassing five salons, a 170-square-metre terrace and nine prestigious suites and rooms.

Renting our entire chateau for you and your guests also enables you to benefit from our entire equipped guest kitchen accessible 24 hours a day, meaning that everyone will even be able to enjoy some fine cuisine of their choice, whenever they wish throughout their stay.

  • chateau-de-sully-sur-loire-928600_640It’s the grounds that may entice you most of all

There’s one other thing that you should bear in mind about French chateaus – the tendency for them to be surrounded by extensive and sumptuous grounds that will instantly capture the hearts of you and your guests.  

Château Bouffémont certainly does not disappoint in this regard, with its own exquisite five hectares of greenery, including gardens over three levels, reserved for your exclusive use when you book your engagement party with us.

No less important than the mere presence of extensive grounds is the style and vibe that they communicate, with our own grounds here at Château Bouffémont exhibiting an illustrious heritage of French classicism.

As you can see, the time-honoured French chateau is far from the out-of-date choice of engagement party venue that you might have imagined it to be. Why bother simply booking a mundane local hotel when you can make Château Bouffémont your venue for such a special event?

Choose us as the venue for your engagement party, and you will have already gone a long way to making the time leading up to your wedding a part of your life that you will remember – for all of the right reasons, and for many years and decades to come.  

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