4 Things You Can Save Money On At Your Wedding

Your wedding will probably be one of the most expensive things you will ever spend your money on. In this article, I’ll be listing the four most expensive parts of your wedding day and how you could save yourself some money on your big day.

The reception – Renting out the room to host the main celebration of your wedding can set you back thousands. In 2012, the average cost for renting the reception hall was around £6000. One way that you might be able to reduce this cost is by having your wedding on an off-peak day, as the cost of renting the room will significantly drop.

You could also make your own table decorations and centerpieces. A chance to get creative and also another fabulous way of saving money on the price of your venue!


  • Your wedding rings – This day and the months leading up to it will be among the most expensive of your life. It is said that the cost of an engagement ring alone should be equal to three months salary. Of course, in this day and age, the majority of us can’t afford that. If you’re unable to do so, why not check out the tacori engagement ring collection at whiteflash.com. They’re much more suitably priced, and you’re able to shop from your own home.


  • The wedding band – Everyone dreams of having a band that will play the night away and have people dancing all night. Entertainment at weddings do come at a cost though, in 2009 the average cost was over £1500 for a band to play. Instead of forking out for a wedding band, why not go for a wedding DJ who will only cost you around a quarter of that price?!

    If you’re set on having a band though, like with your wedding venue you could take the option of having your wedding on an off-peak day. The band are less likely to be booked up and will often be able to offer some sort of discount because they’re likely not to have many bookings on an off-peak day.


  • Photographer – You want to document your special day. You want to be able to look back at any point and smile at your photos. Unfortunately, the cost of a photographer these days isn’t something to smile about. In 2015, couples in the UK were spending around £1500 for their wedding photographer. To save yourself some money on your wedding photos, you could choose a cheaper package that the photographer offers. Also, most people know someone or have someone on their social media that’s a photographer. See if they can do you a friends and family discount. Having someone you know take your wedding photos will be more personal too.


Most importantly, your wedding day is one to remember. Try not to obsess over the cost of everything! You’re marrying your soul mate and deserve this day to declare your love to each other. Congratulations!

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