4 Reasons to Get a Promise Ring

Congratulations on taking your relationship from a casual one to one that is growing stronger each day. Here is where a promise ring can be quite useful. It is a sign of the love and trust that has developed and reached great heights in your relationship. Many also see it as a “pre-engagement” ring. Well, whether you see it in that light or not, it always holds a special place in both your lives.

It is a solemn promise to remain together and to make sure that your bond grows stronger. Sounds like a wedding? Well, no! A promise ring has a different place in a couple’s life. Get matching promise rings in UK, from reputed stores. If the ring is from a shoddy seller, it will lose its beauty soon.


Why Should You Consider Purchasing Promise Rings?

Engagement rings and wedding rings are quite popular, right? It was not until recently that couples started realizing the importance of a promise ring. In fact, some couples still do not! They have no idea, when they should be exchanging the promise rings. Are you one of those couples, who have no idea what a promise ring signifies? Well, whether you do or do not, we are here to help you. Here are a few indications that point towards a promise ring exchange:

  1. Serious Relationship: You started dating casually, but with time the relationship has grown stronger. Now, you do not feel like looking at anybody else! What a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? This is the perfect timing for a promise ring. Present your special person with a promise ring. You could match your promise ring in UK; you just need a good store!
  2. Constraints that stop you From Getting Engaged: Life is a queer place, sometimes you might feel like proposing, but situations stop you from doing so! There can be a plethora of reasons, from financial problems to long distance relationship. This does not mean that you cannot show that your love had grown stronger. Even if you cannot get engaged, exchanging promise rings can be a good way of showing your love.
  3. Circumstances have created distances that will last for sometime:  Work or studies might be keeping you apart! Will this situation continue for a long time? If yes, then you could exchange promise rings, which is going to remind you of your partner and vice versa under times of stress (and depression) or loneliness. It is also a sign that both of you are committed.
  4. Improvisation to Know the Right Ring Size: When you propose for marriage, a wrong ring size can ruin the beautiful moment! Use this chance to gain knowledge about the right ring size. It might seem sneaky, but do not step back. It will have a dual effect. Your partner is happy with your sweet gesture, and you get to know your partner’s correct ring size. Now, when you feel the time is right, you can propose with a lovely ring in the right size.

Is your partner an outdoor adventure aficionado? If yes, then why not take a look at promise rings made with Damascus steel? It is a beautiful metal that is usually used to make swords and knives in UK, and of course the rest of the world too. Rings made with Damascus steel have a unique look and your partner, who loves outdoor adventures, will be able to appreciate its value. It is a thoughtful gesture that can help you get brownie points!

Impress your partner, and, make your bond stronger with promise rings. Now that you know when to use a promise ring, start looking for one. Exchange the rings and lay the first stone of your strong relationship that can last a lifetime!