10 Reasons To Consider A Marquee Wedding

Deciding on the specifics for a wedding is not what you would call a small undertaking. Quite to the contrary, it’s just about the biggest responsibility (or set thereof) that anyone will ever have to deal with. What makes the perfect wedding varies with personal preference, but a growing number of couples and planners across the UK are just beginning to discover the advantages of marquee weddings.


Image source: markshawphotography.co.uk

You can hire a marquee for your wedding, whatever your location in Great Britain. If you’re getting married in Yorkshire then there are marquee hire companies such as Blue Sky Event Solutions offering traditional style wedding marquee hire, and if you’re down in Cornwall, check out Geo Marquees offering contemporary dome style marquee hire. 

And in terms of key advantages, there are 10 standout benefits to hiring a marquee for your own wedding, which are as follows:

  1. First of all, a marquee wedding means the freedom of being able to choose just about any venue that appeals to you. It could be a location right on the coastline with spectacular sea views, a glorious country setting in the middle of nowhere or even something as simple as a pub car park!
  2. What’s also great is the way in which you get to take full control over the layout and organisation of the marquee, in order to ensure that it suits your dream wedding vision flawlessly.
  3. The same also goes for the overall design and décor of the marquee – the sky really is the limit when it comes to customisation for your big day!
  4. As already touched upon, choose the right setting for your marquee wedding and you will enjoy the kinds of surroundings and backdrop that are so much more spectacular than any conventional indoor wedding could offer.
  5. And of course, should the weather happen to be on your side on the big day, you get to take full advantage of both the indoors and the outdoors, further enhancing the appeal and enjoyment of your wedding.
  6. Selecting the perfect marquee means choosing a structure that works in exact accordance with your own wedding party. From guest numbers to accessibility to amenities and so, every single detail is built around you and you alone from the ground up.
  7. Along with being built around your needs and preferences, a marquee wedding can also be meticulously planned in accordance with your budget. However extensive or limited your wedding budget may be, this is one way of ensuring it goes as far as possible.
  8. Another benefit to consider is the way in which marquee weddings give you the freedom to choose your own catering staff, entertainment and so on. In many instances, traditional indoor venues will only allow you to use the services they themselves provide.
  9. While it’s true to say that the summer months represent the most popular time for marquee weddings, this doesn’t mean that a winter wonderland cannot also be the perfect setting for a simply magnificent marquee wedding. Contrary to popular belief, it really is an option for all seasons.
  10. Last but not least, depending on the specific location you choose for your marquee wedding, it’s perfectly possible that you’ll be able to forget about all curfews and keep the party going for as long as you like. Along with the physical characteristics of the marquee itself, you and you alone also get the final say when it comes to timings.